While photographing for this collection, I had the help of numerous experts for the PA and NJ flora, who gave me detailed tips how to find plants and joined me for excursions.


Special thanks go to Harry Henderson (State College) and Prof. Larry Klotz (Shippensburg). Without their generous and long-time help this database could not have been as complete as it is today. Harry Henderson could also use data he got over many years from the – too early - deceased George Beatty, probably one of the leading experts for the state flora. Both Harry Henderson and Larry Klotz helped with the determination of a great many difficult specimens, especially numerous sheets of Carex.


Much help came also from:

Norm Deno (State College) and the amazing and beautiful wildflower collection in his garden

Tim Draudte

Frank Fee ( State College )

William “Rocky” Gleason (Middletown)

Bob Gruver (State College)

Steve Johnson (Sunbury)

Roger Latham (Rose Valley)

Daniel Laughlin (Flagstaff)

Clark Shiffer (State College)

Prof. Kim Steiner, Kathleen Reeder and Tim Phelps (Arboretum of Penn State University)

Eugene Zielinski (Augusta)


For picture contributions we are grateful to:

Aaron Carlson (Menomonie, WI) (www.flickr.com/people/59003943@N00/)
Alan Cressler (www.flickr.com/photos/alan_cressler/)
Alexander Mrkvicka (Wien)
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and others (see credits under the various pictures).